Let's Digitize Airfreight

efficiency EFFICIENCY
automation AUTOMATION
digitalisation DIGITALIZATION
costs COSTS
We intend to increase the efficiency of the global airfreight market by digitizing and automating processes thus enabling machine-to-machine communication.
Our Cargo API offers four main components to connect forwarders with carriers:
Get available routes, capacities and prices
Request a defined shipment and get available flights and prices in return.
Book, update or cancel a shipment
Booking of standard (general) and express cargo.
eAWB Message
Send eAWB information to carrier
Send all relevant eAWB information as  electronic messages to carrier.
Status Updates
Get all status- updates for your shipment
Information on booked flights and all status updates directly from the carrier.
Our Vision - Increase the efficiency of the global airfreight market by digitizing and automating processes

Digitization does not have to mean that everyone has to reinvent their own wheel and invest a lot of time and money in the process. Benefit from our experience and developments: We flexchange the information for you.

We prefer to remain invisible in what we do and we see ourselves as experts for interface management.

It is our job to ensure that information ends up in the right place in real time - we believe in the platform economy by connecting different modules.

Our technology and tools are always state of the art.

Since 2017 we have full focus on the airfreight industry
>30 carriers connected
Direct exchange of booking and/or tracking data -  via API or  RPA technology.
>10 years experience
Our development team has wide experience with RPA technology and interface management in various industries. We use this experience for the digital transformation of air freight companies.
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